Pedro A. Vivanco Gallardo

Pedro A. Vivanco Gallardo was born 1948 in the beautiful city of Santiago, Chile. He grew up in La Ciudad del Niño (The Children City) orphanage run by nuns. There he fell in love with the art of sewing and tailoring. In Chile he has worked for well known retail stores and owned a home business for over 30 years. In 1998, Pedro moved the big apple to pursue the American dream. At 76 years old he has worked in Long Island, New York City and Connecticut. He is best known for his creativity and there is nothing that Pedro can not make or fix.

The craft of being a Tailor and making people feel their best is what keeps him going. This has encouraged him and his daughter, Jocelyn Vivanco Guzman owner of Get Organized with JV LLC to create a collection with Dapper Effects.  Each piece is personally made with precision and detail. Our new collaboration will make your suit stand out. Enjoy!"