Our Story


Like many great beginnings, Dapper Effects was born from the collective visions of three individuals. Three men, each navigating through life on different paths but sharing a unique set of values that ultimately helped define them and their role within their families, communities and society. Values that seem to be slowly disappearing in this modern age. 

Character, courage, chivalry and charity.

We realized that in order for men to be their best, they needed to look and feel their best first. Right from the start, our goal and very mission as a company was to help men everywhere realize their full potential by providing them with the style products they need to feel confident and put their best foot forward. To this day, our values as a company have never wavered, and we continue to expand our efforts to help men live out the Dapper Effects lifestyle.

Achieving this lofty goal hasn't always been easy. Our company wasn't one that was backed by millions of dollars from outside investors. In the beginning, all we had was our combined savings and a dream. We started by selling t-shirts from our online store and even crafted our own light box out of cardboard to photograph our products in order to avoid the expense of hiring a professional photographer. These early days of starting our company were no-doubt challenging, but they made us who we are today, and we wouldn't trade them for the world.

After untold amounts of work and plenty of sleepless nights, the Dapper Effects brand finally began to catch on. We built an online community called the Dapper Lounge where customers and fans could hang out and revel in the Dapper culture. We published e-books such as "How to Dress Dapper on a Budget" and "7 Habits of Highly Dapper-Minded People", and, most importantly, in late 2016 we expanded our product catalog to begin offering more and more high-quality, unique fashion products for men.

It was only when the Dapper Effects brand started gaining momentum in 2016 that we realized how much of an opportunity to make a difference that we had been given. Hearing from customers who loved our products and were thrilled with their new look has been by far the most rewarding part of owning this company, and seeing the mission we agreed upon at a simple lunch meeting all those months ago become a reality has been an experience unlike any other. We are incredibly thankful to all of the customers who have made this entire story possible, and we hope that we are able to continue giving as much to our customers as they have given to us.

In late 2017, the Dapper Effects brand took another unforeseen turn when we began selling cigar humidors. It didn't take us long to realize that the cigar culture was a world all it's own, and we began diving into that culture in order to better serve our customers. Exploring the underground culture of men who enjoy cigars has shown us that the cigar culture is very similar to the culture that Dapper Effects is built upon. It's a culture of community, integrity, style, and relaxation - all things that we at Dapper Effects were happy to be on-board with.

Branching out into a brand new product line designed to reach brand new customers, though, meant that we needed to pound the pavement once again. We reached out to numerous local cigar shops and lounges who have served as wonderful partners in our mission, promoting Dapper Effects products and helping immerse us in the cigar culture. These partnerships have been invaluable, and we are eternally grateful to the small businesses and their owners who have chosen to align themselves with the Dapper Effects mission.
Today, we are still busy looking for new and exciting ways to make a positive difference in the world through the products we sell and the information that we share. However, we realize that there are organizations in the world that are even better equipped to make a difference than we ourselves are, and that's why we are proud to sponsor numerous charities, including charities that support the mentoring of young women.

We also recognize that making a difference in the world isn't going to be possible unless we serve our customers to our best ability and provide them with only the highest quality products. We take our commitment to customer satisfaction just as seriously as our commitment to the core values we all agreed on at the very start. All of the products we offer for sale at Dapper Effects have been designed with a balance of quality materials and construction, unique design, and affordable price. By making high-end fashion products more affordable for the average man and going out of our way to help our customers find the products that are best for them, we are able to imbue the everyman with confidence and swagger.

Right now, there are a lot of exciting things going on at Dapper Effects, and we genuinely look forward to what the future holds in store. Soon, we will be launching our own line of consumable products, starting with all-natural essential-oil-based beard oil. There's a lot more in the works at Dapper Effects too, and we are excited to see what our customers think of what's coming.

No matter what products we offer or how the Dapper Effects brand grows and evolves, though, our commitment to our core values will always remain the same. Since 2016, our mission statement has been this "To help men live with confidence and swagger". For the past few years, we've enjoyed making this mission a reality, and we look forward to seeing just how much more we are able to accomplish as the years go on.  


From the bottom of our
 Thank you,
Dapper Effects Team