Why every woman secretly wants a man with a little bit of “Mama’s Boy” in him - DE02

Why every woman secretly wants a man with a little bit of “Mama’s Boy” in him - DE02


Today Dr. Tom and Mike AKA "Audio Velvet" take a deep dive into the social phenomenon of The "Mama's Boy" label. Is it positive? Is it negative? Well, that depends really on how you look at it. Is salt bad? If you sprinkle too much on your favorite dish, sure it might make the taste intolerable and it will certainly pose a negative risk to your health. But... just the right amount? Yep... now we're in business. Here at Dapper Effects, we believe in this concept that every woman secretly wants a man with a little "Mama's Boy" in him. We also don't take that phrase lightly because of how much respect and love we hold for all the amazing women out there. We wouldn't be the kind of men we are today without the love of some incredible sacrifices made and love given by our moms. With Mother's day just passing, let this podcast be a homage to all the amazing mothers and mother's to be and mother's who are now gone. We love you, we support you and we certainly have just a little bit of "Mama's Boy" in us to share with the rest of the world.



  • Definition of a "Mama's Boy"
  • Symptoms of a full-blown "Mama's Boy"
  • Signs that you may BE a "Mama's Boy"
  • Benefits of having a little "Mama's Boy" in you
  • What if you are a man who never grew up with a mother figure in your life
  • The profound and awesome responsibility of a mother to her son
  • A beautiful insight on something many find to be negative in today's society
  • Why you should be careful with the statement, “mmm, yeah this doesn’t taste the way mama made it” :D 


Happy post Mother's Day 2019! - Nothing but love for all you awesome mom's out there!



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