What does it mean to be Dapper during this quarantine? - DDB01

The Dapper Debrief episode 01 - Dapper During Quarantine


Mr. Mike asks the question “why should men be dapper, even during the quarantine. Why should we even care if we are not leaving our houses and people really never see us? We talk about how the temptation to stop caring and to get lazy when it comes to our appearance can be very strong. By taking a deeper look, Mr. Mike breaks down how our mindset is an integral part of being dapper and talks about the benefits of being disciplined and having healthy routines.

On episode 1 Mr. Mike discusses:

  • What does it mean to be dapper during the quarantine?

  • What does it mean to be Dapper?

  • Why should you take the time to care about your look during these times?

  • The importance of having healthy routines.

  • Strengthening integrity through fashion.

  • How can we be Dapper while social distancing?

  • How being chivalrous can play a role in proper social distancing?

  • Being charitable.

  • How the shutdown affects our minds and motivation.

  • What will dating look like post-pandemic?

  • The Benefits of physical activity and discipline.


Quotes from the show:



“Being Dapper is a mindset...a state of being?”

“Being Dapper is about Leadership.”

“Integrity is doing the right thing whether someone is around to see it or not."

“Putting people first, it is the most dapper thing anyone can do.”

“It’s the little things the end making big impacts in our lives.” “We are all essential!”


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