Unpacking emotional intelligence - DE04

Unpacking emotional intelligence - DE04


Join Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike AKA “Audio Velvet” as they take a digital deep dive on the concept of emotional intelligence. Do you know what it is? Do you practice it? do you work that mental muscle? Today they unpack what it is, why it's so important and why it's an essential element of being Dapper. With a recap on last week's killer episode of the 4C Mantra, today will certainly be an episode you will want to take heavy notes and listen to multiple times. Not to mention, have a few laughs as well.



  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Recap on the 4C mantra we discussed last week: character, courage, chivalry, charity
  • Why character building is not an overnight process
  • The parallels of tracking growth for fitness and emotional intelligence/character
  • The charisma “video game” analogy (Dr. Tom representing #GeekLife :D)
  • Analyzing the “inside voice”
  • Power of an “emotional oil change” and building up “situational awareness”
  • Self-checking the energy that you put out into the world
  • The ripple effect of your emotions
  • The difference between a “reactionary thought” and a “response”
  • The self-reflection roadmap
  • Therapy? What? I’m a man!
  • Using emotional intelligence as a weapon of positivity
  • Thoughts on working out one’s emotions


“You can’t have strength without being courageous.” Mike Pierce

“You have to do the internal work before you can be externally awesome” - Mike Pierce

“People that live long lives, typically, are well connected with the people around them” - Dr. Tom


Question asked to our Instagram followers: How do you personally help clear out the "emotional cobwebs"?


Stay tuned for the next Dapper Effects Podcast!



Dictionary.com definition of Emotional Intelligence

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