The Dapper Team returns after some quiet time to reflect on what has been going on in the world and more specifically the United States. It is clear that there is a lack of true leadership. What does it take to be a leader? Where are the Martin Luther King Jr.'s of our generation? Tune in for a poignant and essential conversation that we all need to be having. The topics we dive into:
  • The importance of taking time to listen
  • How everyone's shouting and no one's listening
  • U.S. freedoms and why they exist
  • The dichotomy of freedom
  • The power of "mental detachment"
  • The degradation of accountability
  • How to "frame" leadership
  • Questioning leaders in today's society
  • A reflection on 9/11
  • Jocko Willink and the example he sets for current and future leaders
  • Principles? Do they matter?
  • How the "narrative" is controlled
  • The new "town square"
  • How does one become a leader of today (not tomorrow)