Nataly "Styles" Cruz - DD019

Dapper Dossier Episode 019 | Nataly Styles Cruz

On this week's Dapper Dossier file, we highlight an inspiring woman who has made her mark in the braiding space of the barbering industry. From losing her father at 15 after immigrating to the United States from Chile, to getting after it and starting work to make a living, Natalie is no stranger to what it means to put in sweat equity. Today? She focuses on being authentic, enjoying work every day and honing her craft. How was 2020 for Nataly? Her business doubled during the quarantine, and we believe that is just a true testament to her artistry and outright positive outlook on life. Whether it's the culture of Miami, the art of braiding and what it takes to make it in this industry, we talk about it all. From famous artists to the MLB and NBA, Nataly's hard work has brought her some amazing opportunities and now she looks forward to 2021 and to future endeavors to teach others what she knows. Join us for some great conversation and Miami Heat. Find her on IG @NatalyStyles1 


Expect a one-on-one experience with Nataly in the chair and be sure to bring your best braid request so that she can do what she does best.


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