Living as a high performing individual - DE06

Living as a high performing individual - DE06


Join Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike AKA “Audio Velvet” as they muse on the discussion regarding high performance in life and in the workplace. Are you a high performer? Do you want to be a high performer? Are you curious maybe what the distinctions are? Tune in as Mr. Velvet and Dr. Tom have a light-hearted discussion pulling in some great comments from the live audience on Instagram.


On episode 06 we discuss:

  • What does it mean to be high performing

  • How does being “dapper” relate to being one who is a high performing individual

  • The work ethic of NFL quarterback Tom Brady

  • Characteristics of high performing individuals

  • Why be high performing?

  • One of life’s greatest secrets to happiness

  • How does a toxic work environment affect high performers? *see article below*

  • Asset vs. Commodity

  • Why work needs to be value-driven.

  • The power of TRUST in the workplace.

  • Lead by example.



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Qualities of High Performing People 

A toxic work culture is forcing high-performing people to quit (Tim Dennings)

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