Has Purpose Been Uprooted? - DE14

Dapper Effects Live episode 14 - Has Purpose Been Uprooted?


 Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike dive into what's going on with COVID-19 and how it's affecting men right now. Not to downplay in any way the pain that has been caused by the lives lost from COVID-19, with that acknowledged, there's no denying the pain that COVID-19 has also caused in uprooting so many lives. Join us for some good conversation and tune in for another episode of the Dapper Debrief that will be dropping tomorrow morning. 


On episode 14 Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike discuss:


  • The power of connection“COVID19 Is Emasculating!” - What?
  • Has purpose been uprooted?
  • Did you hear episode 1 of The Dapper Debrief?
  • Small business owners out there struggling? We Hear You.
  • Reflections on the power of choice and how to tackle your daily choices "post-COVID-19"
  • Taking the news with a grain of salt


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“We cannot control this virus, we cannot control the economy, we cannot control the government. But we can control what we ingest, what we partake of, what we put into and how we grow and develop through these adverse conditions” - Audio Velvet



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