Dapper Debrief - The New Reveal - DE12

The Dapper Debrief Reveal


Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike introduce Dapper Effects Live’s new Podcast spin-off
show, titled ‘The Dapper Debrief’. Hosted by none other than Mr. Mike a.k.a.
Audio Velvet himself; this fun, lighthearted podcast is designed to support our
mission of helping men live with confidence and swagger, by providing
stimulating conversation, and combining humor and helpful tips. This fast
paced, short podcast experience will inform, encourage, inspire and motivate
you; and give you a great start to your weekend.


On episode 12 Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike discuss:

  • The Dapper Debrief, which is a 10-15 minute show airing every Saturday!
  • It is available on ALL of your favorite podcast platforms. Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Podbean, etc...
  • The Dapper Debrief will...
    • Discuss Dapper-worthy news and current events
    • Highlight dynamic people doing dynamic things
    • Share positive, uplifting stories from our diverse, dapper community
    • Fashion and men’s grooming tips and talk
    • Highlight both famous and local ‘Dapper Ambassadors’ 
    • Fun, jokes...and mature, respectful ’grown-up’ talk


We welcome any topic suggestions or show ideas.
We here at Dapper Effects would love to feature you, or someone you know who is doing amazing things, and/or making a positive impact.
Please comment and join the conversation!
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“Dapper Effects is NOT a lifestyle brand. Being Dapper is a part of who you are” - Dr. Tom
“There’s nothing wrong with self-promotion. Sometimes you gotta promote yourself!” - Audio Velvet


 Stay tuned for the next Dapper Effects Podcast!



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