Cabin Fever? Dapper Tips To Cure Your COVID-19 Mental Hangover - DE08

What it feels like to have cabin fever during COVID-19


Join Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet to open your mind to possibility during this difficult time in our nation and our world. While we may not have control of the situation, we all have the ability to make choices every single day on what we are going to do with this time that we have. Whether you're sheltered in completely at home out of work, working from home or your job requires you to go in, you can benefit from stepping up your routine game. We can all benefit from a little re-invention of ourselves every so often. Using this time now where the world feels like it sort of has slowed down is not only a good choice, it's smart. When we come out of this, and we WILL come out of this, your mind will be ready and clear to take on life at full speed again.


On episode 08 Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike discuss:

  • Staying positive amidst a crisis
  • How to stay and feel "essential" when you are told you are "non-essential"
  • Recap on the #75Hard program and why you NEED to do it
  • Building and renewing good habits
  • Positive ways to reconnect with yourself and loved ones while in quarantine
  • Tips on reconnecting with your children


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