Blurring The Lines With Make-Up

Blurring The Lines With Make-Up
On today's episode of the Dapper Dossier, Dr. Tom and the Mikes get into the idea of men applying make-up to "conceal" or "beautify". What are your thoughts? Should the pressure that people behind the camera feel every day to look perfect apply to the everyday man? What happened to being proud of one's scars? The topics we dive into:
  • Alex Rodriguez’s make-up line for men
  • Would you consider the “blur stick” a skin care product as it is a concealer?
  • The danger of labeling everything as a type of “person”
  • The difference between “skin care” and “make-up”
  • Should a man be ashamed of traditional male culture?
  • Should it be okay for men to wear make-up?
  • Pressure celebrities are under to be perfect and how this thought applies to the common man
  • How men’s culture is being damaged by profit
  • What are the qualities women look for in men
  • Thoughts on “being cancelled”
  • The death of comedy
  • Why make-up is only fixing a problem on the surface level
  • What are the trickle down effects of Rodriguez’s make-up line
  • Gender roles and the “role” they play in this conversation
  • The example that Apple has set. Thoughts?
  • The “pigeon hole” women find themselves in regarding beauty
  • How can we start having more open conversations about our differences
  • Andy Frisella’s story of embracing one’s scars

Book recommendation: Fire and Harmony     

Music Credit: Lakey Inspired