Anthony DiDomenico - A Dapper Man’s Journey Into The Mirror - DE11

Comedian Anthony Didomenico on the Dapper Effects Live podcast


Join Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet as they connect with a man who is on an incredible journey of transformation and has continued down this path even amidst the COVID-19 crisis in our nation. Meet Anthony Didomenico. A man who has a life long battle with his weight. Tune in to hear him share insights into this powerful journey he's on while he also peeling back the curtain so to speak into his life as a professional comedian. We here at Dapper Effects love Anthony. He has inspired us and we believe he will inspire you too.


On episode 11 Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike discuss:

  • Anthony’s 22-year journey into comedy and why you should never give up on your dream
  • What does a comedian’s background look like?
  • How Anthony built self-accountability through his most recent calling - The WW Bro Podcast
  • Anthony’s weight watcher’s journey and the 3-year anniversary
  • Why we believe Anthony is a true example of what it means to be Dapper
  • What were some of Anthony’s triggers that led to the weight gain
  • Addictions
  • How everything in life that’s worth it is never as simple as “point A to point B”
  • Musing on the fast-food industry
  • Why the pandemic is all the more reason to eat healthily
  • Controlling what you can control
  • The power of gaining control and getting everything “on the inside” right
  • The ups and downs of a weightless journey
  • The hidden dangers of lying to yourself
  • The dapper man’s goal
  • The importance of finding a support system
  • What is Weight Watchers all about?
  • Importance of taking the time to get educated on your health
  • Why comedy is a truly fine example of courage
  • How are comedians innovating during the COVID-19 shutdown?
  • Why comedians are essential
  • How Anthony’s comedy evolved to where it is today
  • The man in the mirror poem
  • 75Hard program


Quote Anthony shared from his dad: 

“The time is going to go by anyway, what are you going to do with it?” <— Anthony’s dad when discussing his health"


Question from the audience:

“Anthony, it makes sense that you had to find ways to deal with stress in your weight watcher journey, what would you say to people who are stressed now and will turn to food as a way to destress?”


“This pandemic, it’s got us on the ropes. But you know, it’s gonna pass. And, where are you going to be when this ends? are you going to be ahead of the game? or behind the eight ball? And I want to be ahead of the game” - Anthony D



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