A Barber's Tale: Hillary Romeo - Classics Barbershop - DE09

Hillary Romeo - Classics Barbershop - St. Louis, MO


Join Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet as they sit back and listen to the journey of Hillary Romeo of Classics Barbershop in St. Louis. Need a break from the negativity? Grab a pair of earbuds, maybe a cup of coffee and listen in on your favorite podcast platform.


On episode 09 Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike discuss:

  • Introductions - Hillary Romeo from Classics St Louis

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the Shop Hillary works at and barbers in general

  • How important Barbers are to their respective communities

  • Why a lot of barbers were not eligible for the 1st round of COVID-19 PPP funding

  • Why house calls for barbers are probably not a good idea right now

  • Finding opportunities in adversity

  • Hillary’s recap on her journey on the #75Hard program

  • Why everyone should be doing #75Hard, and start today

  • Building a better relationship with your barber

  • What is the Covid Barber Fund?

  • What are the criteria for a barber to become a part of the Covid Barber Fund?

  • Dr. Tom & Audio Velvet’s ignorance of Fried Ravioli

  • Hillary’s thoughts on necessary health precautions upon re-opening


“Stay positive, something I really learned through 75 hard, just focus on the good things, everyone is going to come out of this, just stay together as a community and we will get through this” - Hillary Romeo


“With failures come life lessons” - Hillary Romeo


“do what you gotta do to keep a good headspace. A little distraction is always good but focus is a little better. So have a good balance of both” - Audio Velvet


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Classics Barbershop



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