A Barber's Tale: Charlie Baker - Studio NINETY3 - DE10

Charlie The Barber Studio Ninety Three - East Grinstead - England


Join Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet as they delve into a barber's perspective from across the pond. Charlie Baker from Studio NINETY3 in England weighs in on what it means to be a barber, what it takes to succeed, and what he's doing to be successful during this transition the entire world is going through.


On episode 10 Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike discuss:

  • Putting a spotlight on the barber community
  • How has COVID-19 affected the U.K.
  • Charlie’s journey into the barbering world
  • How the path led to entrepreneurship
  • Charlie's thoughts on following passion
  • The magic behind the barber community
  • The social aspect of barbering
  • How each barbershop has it’s own vibe
  • Plans for local businesses to open back up in the U.K.
  • Charlie's thoughts on how the barber community will evolve post COVID-19
  • Charlie shares some thoughts about East Grinstead, the community where he runs his shop
  • Biggest struggle as an entrepreneur


Questions from the audience:

  • What do you miss most right now, is it the interaction with your customers or perfecting your craft? or just the grind of building your business as an entrepreneur? <— Question from the audience (Mike)
  • Do you think the barber world is going to change? Masks? Smaller groups? <— Question from the audience (Jess)
  • Has this time given you the opportunity to think about a new form of social media and advertising? <— Question from the audience (Jess)


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Studio NINETY3



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