Why you should own a humidor even if you don’t smoke cigars.

Why you should own a humidor even if you don’t smoke cigars.

     No one likes being unprepared.  Whether it’s because we were misinformed or it’s our fault and we simply dropped the ball, no one likes not being 100% ready for whatever a situation calls for.  Imagine you were invited to what you thought was a costume party, but when you get there; you see nothing but people in suits and dresses wearing masks.  You now realize it’s a masquerade ball and you’re dressed like Batman.  Imagine the feeling of embarrassment you’d have.  Ever go to a potluck dinner empty handed?  Ever go to a pool or beach party with no swim trunks?  Not fun.  These types of things happen to everyone.  But it happens a lot less for a Dapper Man because of two factors: anticipation and investment.

     There is an art form to being prepared, and a Dapper Man is the Picasso of preparedness.  He takes the time to anticipate what is needed for whatever upcoming outing or event that is happening.  He then makes it a point to invest in whatever those things are that will make him 100% prepared and able to take full advantage of the experience.  This is why it is a good idea to own a Cigar Humidor.  There are many occasions in life where celebrating with a cigar is tradition.  Wedding receptions, bachelor parties, business outings, birthdays, big accomplishments and ‘it’s a boy’ occasions are all potential situations where someone might want to enjoy a good Cigar.  A Dapper Man recognizes this fact and therefore invests in a Cigar Humidor.  By doing this, he is always prepared and considered to be a great host, even if he himself doesn’t indulge. 

     Desktop humidors help keep cigars moist and fresh for an extended amount of time, keeping them ready for whenever you need them.  Going to a formal or classy affair where you think there may be some cigar smokers in attendance?   Show up with a DAPPER EFFECTS Travel Cigar Humidor along with a bottle of wine or bourbon, and you’ll be the talk of the evening.

    Being prepared is a value Dapper Men take seriously.  And when living a dapper lifestyle, whether you smoke cigars or not, you find yourself in situations where having some on hand will be GREATLY appreciated.  It helps in making connections while networking and socializing.  This is not unlike the way some people don’t ever play golf but own a set of golf clubs.  Because playing golf has proven to be a great way to network and to do business, a Dapper Man is always prepared by owning his own equipment. 

     So whether you enjoy the occasional cigar or you’re someone who has never indulged, invest in a Desktop or Travel Humidor today.  Your guests will appreciate it and you will add to what is already an incredibly Dapper Lifestyle.