Why is Michael B Jordan's height a thing?

Why is Michael B Jordan's height a thing?

Why is the world obsessed with Michael B Jordan's height?

  If you were watching the 2021 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs, you most likely caught the very intelligent Alexa Ad that starred Michael B Jordan. I was always impressed with Jordan's performances in blockbusters like Creed I & II and Black Panther, but that was the extent of my "B Jordan" fix.


Until the Alexa commercial.

  Coming off of one of the more difficult years we have all had in a while, it was refreshing to see Americans coming together again to share in the love of the National Football League's grandest annual presentation, the Super bowl. With the energy and hype that surrounds this game every year, millions of Americans gear up to host parties, prepare dips and various wing dishes and throw down their hard earned cash gambling on boxes. Along with that though is the guarantee of some anticipated entertainment in the form of the famed "Super Bowl commercials". Every year, advertisers spend more and more money to obtain a piece of the fabled Super Bowl commercial pie. With that comes an opportunity to launch their brand into the stratosphere or solidify an already powerful position in their given market.

So why are we discussing Michael B. Jordan?

  Well, did you watch the commercial yet that was shared in this post? Amazon hit the mark and exceeded expectations with that gem of an advertisement. Not only did it ignite laughter, there was an immediate influx of searches around Mr. Jordan. So wait, who actually made out better from that commercial, Amazon or Jordan?

Confidence & swagger

For many, the commercial may have been viewed as a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, you have individuals who are fed up with Amazon monopolizing the retail space. More recently, dangling the keys of power over small businesses that utilize Amazon web services. On the other hand, you have a large portion of the country that has fallen in love with the "one-click" shopping and "one-two day" prime shipping. Are they to blame? It's human nature to seek out comfort and convenience.
  For those who can get past the Amazon "hang-up", Jordan's performance certainly captivated. The supporting actress (who in my opinion was the lead), did a fantastic job. The personification of Alexa through the use of the attractive and swagger infused Jordan was ingenious. I always knew he was a great actor. However, I can say with confidence that his involvement in the 2021 Alexa commercial certainly solidified and legitimized his place in the books as a man who exudes confidence.

What about the negative imagery?

  Okay, yes you can make the case that this commercial portrayed a woman who was being unfaithful in her mind towards her husband. If we are honest with ourselves though, every human who is in a successful monogamous relationship has fantasies from time to time. These fantasies can actually work to a couple's benefit to fan the flames of desire. It's only a problem when it's taken too far. Coming off a very difficult year, I think it's necessary that we don't take ourselves and our opinions of entertainment so seriously. You have to agree also that the husband played his part perfectly. In fact, he may have been the glue for the entire commercial. Especially when he was dropping lines like this:

"Things are getting way too wet around here"


In recent years, there has been a movement of keyboard warriors and cancel culture artists who have made it their mission to cancel everyone and everything. Now I get it, there certainly have been some bad actors (no pun intended) that needed to be exposed for awful behaviors; but the cancelling of everything has gotten out of hand. Are we going to cancel America next? This leads me to my next thought. Are we about to cancel a very successful man because of his height?

Why are people so obsessed with Michael B Jordan's height?

  After doing my search of Jordan following the Super Bowl commercial, I was greeted with tons of searches by others who apparently are obsessed with thought of analyzing Mr. Jordan's height. My quick analysis from the various sources determined that he is somewhere between the height of 5'10'' and 6'. Even as I'm writing this, I'm laughing. Why are there variations on his height? Does he look taller in some movies and shorter in others?

I find this whole online search fascinating. As a matter of fact, the female mind is fascinating. I'm wondering if the analysis goes like this:


"Okay, wow Michael B looked so hot in that commercial and I love his teeth".

"Hmm, his skin is perfect and look at that smile!"

"You know, I really loved him in creed, his abs were perfect"

"I think I'm going to search to confirm his height. Oh wait! He's not 6'3'', okay I'm not interested anymore"

LOL I'm just curious, is that how the thoughts go down?

Ladies, I'm so curious. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think ;)

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