Why I love F1 and can't wait for the 2022 Miami GP

Why I love F1 and can't wait for the 2022 Miami GP
At Dapper, we love to share things we are passionate about. But, sometimes things are just so downright awesome and absolutely dapper that we need to highlight them here.

Cue in, Formula 1 racing.

It’s fast, it’s sexy, it’s elegant. Every month, millions of people around the world tune in to watch 20 men strap into incredible machines of engineering to race around tracks laid out in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was just announced that F1 is coming to a very dapper city in the United States...Miami Florida. More on that later.

In 2020, I came to understand why Formula 1 is so popular.

Image Credit - RaceFans.net
I was always a fan of motorsports growing up but grew away from it for a while. With Netflix launching it’s F1 series a few years ago, I have fallen in love again. Now as an adult, this sport takes on so many new meanings for me.

There are so many things to love about F1

From a Dapper perspective, you can fall in love with the sports attention to detail. From the team principals, to the drivers, to the engineers, to the pit crew, to the fans, to every component that makes up F1, you get this sense of class, of style, of this extreme attention to detail.

Sitting here watching the pre-show to the 2021 Imola race in Italy, I can’t help but feel impressed with that attention to detail.

Image Credit - RaceFans.net
As team Principal for Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, is interviewed by the Sky Sports anchor, you see the sliding doors of a beautifully designed paddock building behind him opening and closing (most likely meetings going inside), cameras switch to pit crews working meticulously to dial in the final details on their respective team’s cars, discussing strategies and prepping for lights out. I find myself swept up in the romance of the whole thing imagining I too was there on the paddock, 'dapped up', interviewing various team owners and drivers. For Will Buxton, a renowned F1 journalist, this is an everyday reality. Have you seen Formula 1 Drive To Survive on Netflix? We love Will!

For a motor racing pre-show, I'm impressed.

Planned and respective interviews, flash back of previous races, you can feel the energy building. Even with the lack of fans in the crowd, you can truly feel how everyone who is involved to make F1 possible truly embrace this sport to its fullest
Image Credit - Formula1.com
With the drivers waiting for lights out and the start to this weeks GP, you can’t help but daydream of the rich culture and sprawling landscapes that makes up the city of Imola. A circuit that goes back to the early 50s. Known for its dangerous curves, it was even removed from the F1 calendar back in 2007 after a pretty serious crash. Added back to the GP calendar in 2020 to fill the gap from some of the cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for F1 fans, what a beautiful city to celebrate this awesome sport.

Miami 2022, here I come.

With the race underway soon, I've grown even more excited for the Miami 2022 GP. Miami... a city known for its warm weather, gorgeous beaches, bustling nightlife scene, Art deco architecture among many other things. When I think of visiting Miami, I think of wearing a sharp collared shirt with the top button open, hair done right with pomade, Latin music in the background wherever I’m at with a cornucopia of choices on where I want to spend my evening. No matter what day it is, you know in Miami, you’re going to have a Dapper evening.

If you live in the United States, love Dapper culture and you enjoy exciting events that get your adrenaline pumping, you can’t go wrong grabbing up some tickets to the Miami 2022 GP when they go on sale. Anyone who knows a little about this sport knows those tickets are going to go fast ;)