Organization is the key to having a Dapper Lifestyle

Organization is the key to having a Dapper Lifestyle


Attention to detail is a quality that every Dapper man strives to have.  Insisting on high standards of cleanliness, hygiene and organization are the things that set a Dapper man apart from other men.  Most people assume that being Dapper means that you’re always looking neat and well-groomed.  And they’re right.  A Dapper man is always sharp.  His hair is styled, his clothes are clean; and his shirt is only untucked if he prefers it that way…in order to accent his look.  He never looks un-kept or disheveled.   The same should be said about everything connected to him. 

“A Place for everything, and everything in its place.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Being organized is just as important a quality as is one’s appearance and demeanor.  Being unorganized gives people the impression that you don’t have it together.  People believe that if your house or your care is a mess, so must your life.  So stay organized guys. Compartmentalize.  Have a place where everything can be neatly put away… and actually put stuff away. Use smart tools to help you stay organized like building shelves, buying a shoe-rack or using a DAPPER EFFECTS men’s valet organizer. 

“He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the universe.”

-Marcus Aurelius

Having a Dapper lifestyle is about having pride and having good self-care habits.  It is about being as well-rounded as one can possibly be, within the perimeters of what their definition of being well-rounded is.  A Dapper man strives to have it all-together.  Not only in his appearance, or in his ambition and his drive for success, but in every aspect of his life.  Having a great personality and character are paramount.  As well as one’s moral standards and personal convictions.  Others can see these strong qualities in a Dapper man.  Not only in how he walks and talks, but also in how he cares for the people he loves and the things he’s earned.