Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette | 2005 Men's Fragrance

Nautica Blue Cologne

Why Is Nautica Blue One Of The Best Men's Cologne Available?

It’s not just the fact it smells great. It's also because of its accessibility and versatility. Let me explain...

First, I must admit that I have a special connection to this brand of fragrance. Like many of you, Nautica Blue was one of the first colognes I tried as a young man, after several people finally convinced me that the ‘Brut’ I was wearing that I purchased at the local pharmacy wasn't cutting it.

I choose to try Nautica for the simple fact that it was much more affordable than the other brands.

Back then, you could get a 3.4 oz bottle for about $20; and the price has stayed pretty consistent since. As we grow from adolescence into manhood, we realize that certain scents are best for certain occasions, which leads us to want to keep a variety of different fragrances on hand. That can be an expensive undertaking for a young man just starting out. It's an affordable price point make a great ‘go-to’ cologne that you can easily keep in your rotation. That is what we mean when we say this cologne is accessible. Not to mention, it is literally sold everywhere

Traditionally, Nautica Blue is seen as a seasonal scent

Often, it has been associated to spring and summer and with outdoor events, usually involving water or the beach. But Nautica Blue is a great year-round cologne as well. Although it has a cool scent that gives you a refreshed feeling during the warmer months, it also pairs well with the fresh and cool scents we find in winter months like fresh pine and peppermint. Having the ability to be worn all year round and for almost any occasion makes this a very versatile fragrance.

 Another "go-to" for The Blue is its universally pleasing scent

Its light, clean smell is safe and non-offensive to others around you. It’s not overpowering and doesn’t smell like it’s trying to be overly romantic or masculine. It just smells clean and casual. Unlike its counterpart, the Nautica Voyage which has a fruitier smell to it; Nautica Blue has a more woodsy, aquatic scent. There are notes of fruity fragrances that are more prominent when you first apply Blue, but they diminish slightly the longer you wear it and gives way to a muskier, yet aquatic scent.

Lastly, this cologne is consistent

Not much has changed since being introduced in 2005. The iconic bottle is still super cool and the blue color of the cologne is a great contrast to the other men's products I have on my dresser. The price is still affordable. The formulation of the fragrance has not changed much, although some say it has a more soapy smell to it these days. However, I can’t say that that has been my experience. To me, it smells just as good as it did all those years ago.

- Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet