Lupin On Netflix?!

Lupin On Netflix?!
There are few genres of movies I enjoy more than a spy/detective action thriller. There’s just something about watching a smart, suave guy in a nice suit use his wit and skill (and sometimes his knuckles) to get in and out of impossible situations to achieve his goal. That ‘always cool under pressure’ demeanor, and commitment to sophistication is something most movie goers really love to watch. One of my favorites? Lupin. I was so happy to find a modern adaptation on Netflix.

Iconic movies like The Saint, The Man from Uncle, Mission Impossible and Kingsmen are great examples of the Gentleman Spy Action Thriller.


Even Austin Powers and the campy, utterly ridiculous yet very entertaining In Like Flint fall in the category of the debonair spy drama. But most would agree, the most popular of this genre of films is James Bond. Whether you’re a fan of Roger Moore, Sean Connery or the most recent addition to the many who've played the iconic MI6 agent, Daniel Craig; the James Bond franchise is the epitome of the cool, calm gentleman secret agent. You know, those men who follow the 7 Habits Of Dapper Gentlemen.  Unfortunately, fans have had to wait for the latest installment to the James Bond collection due to the pandemic and theatres being closed for social distancing. So, what can one do the fill the void of the dapper espionage suspense film? Have no fear. Netflix has the answer, and that answer is Lupin. Similar to films like The Thomas Crown Affair and Ocean’s Eleven, instead of the smooth, dapper secret agent Lupin is all about the Gentleman Thief.  This series pairs quite well with a typical "Netflix and chill" evening.



This adaptation is based on the book series The Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Created by 20th century, Parisian author Maurice Leblanc.

  The original series not only bears similarities to James Bond, but also the great Sherlock Holmes. Not surprising considering Leblanc was a contemporary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the world's greatest detective series. The French Savoir-faire, played by Omar Sy, super intelligent master thief is more like a Robinhood. Although, he definitely steals for profit and for the thrill; he only steals from the rich and often ends up helping out some unfortunate victim of a corrupt organization. In this new, modern adaptation, Lupin’s father was framed for stealing a precious set of jewels and Lupin is on a quest to clear his father’s name.



This series is amazing, and I guarantee that once you’ve watched the entire thing, you'll be thirsty for more. Well, you're in luck. There are tons of Arsene Lupin content out there. From the extensive original book series, to movie adaptations and spin-offs from not only France and the US, but from Japan and even Mexico. Personally, I became aware of The Gentleman Thief as a kid watching the anime series Lupin the Third. Yes, that’s right. There was even a cartoon series; and it too was excellent. If you’re already a fan of the anime series, you will be happy to know that Omar absolutely crushed the role as Arsene.



  Netflix’s Lupin proves that all the world loves a gentleman. The series is a hard-hitting action packed adventure that feels “Shakin’, not stirred”. It proves that “Manners Maketh a Man” and watching this series from beginning to end isn't a tough decision. In fact, it’s “elementary my dear Watson!” -Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet.