Dapper Effects: A Dapper Definition

Dapper Effects: A Dapper Definition




singular noun: effect

  1. accessories that can be added to a men’s outfit in order to make it more useful, versatile and/or attractive. “I always make sure my tie, socks and other effects match and compliment my suit.”                                                    
  2. Personal belongings.  “The insurance covers our personal effects.


    Michael Kors once said that he thought of accessories as the exclamation point to a woman’s outfit.  I find this to be incredibly insightful, and true.  Accessories help to accentuate any outfit and can be instrumental in pulling your ensemble together.  But if accessories are thought to give a woman’s outfit flare and originality; then what is the exclamation point to a man’s outfit? Nothing?

    In all honesty, when it comes to a person’s wardrobe and personalizing one’s look; there is no difference between men and women.  Accessories accomplish the same results for anyone who wears them.  However, for some reason when we think about accessories, we think of feminine things like necklaces, purses and makeup bags.  Although men wear necklaces and often carry bags too, we shy away from calling them accessories.  It’s not because of sexism or a fear of gender neutrality.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  Men would rather the word “accessories” be mainly used in female fashion culture out of respect for how women are the masters of all things beautiful.  Men would only devalue it.  For example, do you think women would take pride in carrying and collecting purses if men also wore them?  I think not.  They’re called man-bags for a reason.

    So what do we call men’s accessories?  Most men usually just revert to calling their accessories “my stuff” or “my things”, and rarely recognize the importance of their purpose.  But truthfully, accessories compliment a man’s outfit just as much as they do for women.  Watches, neckties, cufflinks, pocket squares…all affect a man’s style and help complete his look. 

    But the question remains, what word do we use when referencing men’s accessories?  How about EFFECTS.  People sometimes refer to one’s things as their personal effects.  We have taken that concept and applied it those ornaments that accentuate a man’s style.  When you combine that with celebrating the finest in high-quality men’s accessories, you have…DAPPER EFFECTS.