The Dapper Effect

The Dapper Effect

First impressions are unavoidable, but critical when determining one’s impact on others.  Our character is developed through maintaining our principles and choosing our actions. When people observe those actions, they become comfortable confirming that you ARE the person who you are CLAIMING to be.  Some men, however, are able to convey who they are, just by simply looking a certain way.


Dressing well and taking pride in the way one looks is more than a cultural statement, it’s a way of life.  It’s about representing and upholding certain core values through fashion; the same way one does in their career and relationships. Values like: character, chivalry, courage and charity define a gentleman.  You can see it in the way he speaks, carries himself, dresses, and how he spends his dollar. He stands out as the reliable person in which everyone seems to gravitate to.


Because a gentleman…a Dapper Man has higher standards than most men.  People recognize that his pride and attention to detail extend beyond his wardrobe. They take the time to secure having access to the best of everything.  A TRUE gentleman does this through striving to be the best HIMSELF, all the time. Being a gentleman is about being a leader. The DAPPER EFFECT is when that gentleman then extends that leadership to influence his family, friends and community. 


Always stand up for what is right and of course...stay Dapper


With gratitude,

Mike P