The Positivity/Dapper Effects Synergy - DE17

The Dapper Effect | Positivity Effect Podcast

Dapper Effects co-owners Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet converge for the first time on the Positivity Effect podcast, bringing the two worlds together. Going forward, tune in each week on the Positivity Effect where Dr. Tom will now be joined by Mr. Mike as his new co-host where they will inject the "Dapper" flair and energy into the Positivity Effect podcast. 

 Listen in as Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike reflect on:

  • What is Dapper Effects?
  • The synergy between The Positivity Effect & Dapper Effects
  • Putting on the "suit" of positivity
  • The importance of finding your tribe
  • The origin of Dapper Effects
    • What does it mean to be a man today? What should it mean
  • How has the pandemic affected us? 

And so much more! :) 

“I don't think we as humans fully realize really the impact of what has happened to us this year and what it's going to mean down the year...even generationally...there's going to be a ripple effect”
- Dr. Tom

Another episode of "The Dapper Effect" goes live next week on The Positivity Effect Podcast - Stay Tuned !!!