The inception of Dapper Effects - DE01

May 12, 2019

The inception of Dapper Effects - DE01

Three years ago, three friends launched what is today known as the brand Dapper Effects set on the mission to help men live with more confidence and swagger. Tom, Mike & Mike quickly realized they had something to share with the world when the three of them just as quickly realized that they shared very similar values on what it means to be a man in today's world. 

Humble beginnings at Dapper Effects

Achieving this lofty goal hasn't always been easy. Our company wasn't one that was backed by millions of dollars from outside investors. In the beginning, all we had was our combined savings and a dream. We started by selling t-shirts from our online store and even crafted our own light box out of cardboard to photograph our products in order to avoid the expense of hiring a professional photographer. These early days of starting our company were no-doubt challenging, but they made us who we are today, and we wouldn't trade them for the world.



Today is not only a chance to share the inception story of Dapper Effects but to share in the inception of the Dapper Effects podcast. This resource is for the men (and women) out there who associate with what it means to truly be Dapper in a world that seems to have forgotten old school simple values. One such value being Chivalry. Join us now as Mike AKA "Audio Velvet" and Tom AKA "Dr. Tom" take you down memory lane into the not so distant past circa 2015 where they share how and why they started this brand and why they believe it will be relevant for years to come. We appreciate you being here as we know that you too respect the 4C values Dapper Effects: Character, Courage, Charity & Chivalry.



  • The origin story of Dapper Effects
  • Is Chivalry dead?
  • The power of properly appreciating the things that you’ve earned
  • Converging on core values and standing strong in the flux of an ever-changing and polarizing world
  • Is Dapper Effects a “lifestyle” brand?
  • What does it truly mean to be “Dapper”?
  • The power of organizing your EFFECTS
  • The Dapper mindset
  • The evolution of Dapper Effects
  • Simple ways for a man to level up


Happy Mother's Day Eve 2019 - be sure to show some love for the ladies in your life!



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