Managing Your Energy, Social Media And Conscious Living

Positivity Effect - Episode 141 - Managing Your Energy, Social Media And Conscious Living

Dr. Tom and Audio Velvet are back this week discussing various topics and issues facing all of us today as well as some solutions to work continue to work through this difficult year.

 In this episode Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet chat about:

  • The power of always supporting local business (especially right now)
  • Taking an inventory of your inventory
  • Managing how you distribute your personal energy
  • Why the phrase “work smarter, not harder” has been grossly misused in society
  • The difference of thinking you want success and truly wanting it in your life
  • Jim Rohn’s power statement: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”
  • “Limited time” vs. “limited energy…are they the same thing?
  • Defining what you want in life and confronting negative energy
  • How are different generations processing the changes that occurred from the pandemic
  • The incredible power in changing your physical state
  • Using social media as a tool to maintain a positive lifestyle
  • An alarming trend happening on social media
  • Should large corporations be held to a higher standard?
  • Why it’s not effective to argue with others on social media
  • Being prepared for the things you can’t be prepared for

And so much more! :) 

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Another episode of The Positivity Effect goes live next Thursday - Stay Tuned !!!