Is Sustainability A Luxury Value? - DE05

September 08, 2019

Is Sustainability A Luxury Value? - DE05



Join Dr. Tom & Mr. Mike AKA “Audio Velvet” as they tackle the discussion on the recent G7 summit where 32 fashion companies (like Chanel & Ralph Lauren) announced a signing of the Fashion Pact which is "a non-legally binding agreement to combat greenhouse gasses and emphasize sustainability in the industry". Is it good? Is it too late? Regardless of what side of the fence you're on, it's great to see companies with large bankrolls making positive sustainable decisions. Join us on the discussion as we dive deep on this very positive news. 

On episode 05 we discuss:

  • The juxtaposition of Sustainable Luxury
  • Thoughts on the G7 summit
  • Thoughts on our “responsibility to being green”
  • Where “sustainable responsibility” starts
  • Thoughts on why some people chronically litter
  • How the social media explosion has impacted sustainability
  • Where did the practice of “having the woman you’re walking with walk on the inside to safely avoid road traffic”
  • Have we reached the tipping point on the point of no return for sustaining the earth’s natural ecosystem? (22mins in)
  • Consumerism vs Capitalism
  • Is it trendy to be sustainable?
  • Why is it Dapper to be sustainable
  • The Aura of Dapper


“The universe is on the side of justice” - Martin Luther King


    Statement from one of our Instagram followers: Dapper is Beauty - Jazy'sGirl


    Stay tuned for the next Dapper Effects Podcast!



    GQ Article: How Sustainability Became A Luxury Value 

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