Evolving Through The Ebb & Flow Of Life With Jessica Dennehy

Positivity Effect - Episode 142 - Evolving Through The Ebb & Flow Of Life With Jessica Dennehy

Evolving Through The Ebb & Flow Of Life With Jessica Dennehy

This week on the podcast, the crew is joined by Jessica Dennehy. A beautiful soul who has made her mark on Long Island through her entrepreneurial endeavors who is now impacting the greater world through the positive content and messaging that she shares. We had a great discussion about her life and there was this over arching theme of evolution in life, business, relationships and how our perception of it all matters greatly. 

 In this episode Dr. Tom and Mr. Mike AKA Audio Velvet chat about:

  • Why positivity takes work
  • Raising awareness to the energy you’re attracting and emitting
  • Not holding on too tightly to wins
  • Tips to fall deeply in love with your journey
  • Why those who succeed at the highest level experience some of the “deepest” lows
  • Jessica’s evolution of self and how she poured her energy into self development
  • How the quarantine can allow for deep introspection if you allow it to
  • Insight into the amazing Madmen Barbershop brand and how Jessica and her ex-husband Ed have been able to continue working together in a positive and encouraging manner 
  • Remaining open for possibility and opportunity
  • Why our personal relationships sometimes ebb and flow
  • The inception and evolution of Madmen Barbershop
  • How they pushed through the pandemic shutdown
  • Analyzing the perception of our routines
  • The catch-22 with “big business”

And so much more! :) 

“You’re never going to have a perfect time. The perfect time is whenever you have an opportunity presents itself”
“Are you in a rut or are you on a roll”
- Jessica Dennehy

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