Cassandra Mendoza - Ztylez Studio - Part I

Cassandra Mendoza | Dapper Effects | Positivity Effect Podcast

Dr. Tom is joined today by Cassandra Mendoza (Kazz), owner and operator of Ztylez Studio barbershop in Woodside, NY. Listen in on this two-part interview and vibe with Dr. Tom while we learn what it takes to run a barbershop and how, in our opinion, important our beauticians are for all of us. Kazz will leave you with a peaceful centered energy while you experience what it's like first hand to have a conversation with her inside of Ztylez Studio. 

In this episode Dr. Tom and Kazz talk about:

  • Talking entrepreneurship amidst a pandemic
  • Positive vibes always
  • How important our barbers and beauticians are
  • How Kazz fell into the path of being a barber
  • The power of holding yourself accountable to other people’s energy
  • How barbering is a true art
  • The difference between barbering and cosmetology
  • How Kazz thrived during the COVID-19 shutdown
  • BarberCon! 

And so much more! :) 

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“I feel like hair is not even my industry, it’s my life”
“A grey beard is like a fine wine!”
- Cassandra "Kazz" Mendoza

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Part II with Kazz goes live next week - Stay Tuned !!!