A Dapper Man's 75 Hard Journey - Day 4.

A Dapper Man's 75 Hard Journey - Day 4.

Today is day 4 of 75 Hard.

I can feel my mental clarity beginning to lift. I feel the fog in my brain slowly lifting day by day, especially amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

I am feeling more determined today to produce something out of nothing. I feel more determined to be a positive example for others today.

I can feel bad food cravings starting to subside.

I know I was giving my self excuses in the past why not to start this journey. Then COVID-19 hit and heard the voice in my head (that we all have) saying, "ah comon man..just relax, drink a beer, stop working on your business, wait for all of this to clear up"

In the past, I may not have recognized that voice. Today I caught it and redirected the energy into #75Hard.

If you are reading this blog post still then you are someone who wants more out of life. If you are finding yourself stuck mentally right now (especially amidst the world health crisis), this is more reason now than ever to start the #75Hard program.


You won't be disappointed.

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-Dr. Tom