A Dapper Man's 75 Hard Journey - Day 6.

Dr. Tom on day 6 of Andy Frisella's 75 Hard Program

Yesterday was day 6 of 75 Hard.

I can feel the momentum building. 

As things unravel around me, on the news, in my community/country, the world..I can feel my mind settling. I can feel my anxieties clearing.

I feel a stronger sense of purpose to help those in need right now. 

I feel driven to be my best possible self and make Dapper Effects a source and guiding light for others during this difficult time.

I feel more dialed in than ever before on our mission statement.

Protect your mind and spirit during this time. Don't allow the media to break you. Follow the health guidelines from the professionals but continue to practice what you would to build your mind and body (within the guidelines).


Stay strong,

- Dr. Tom


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