A Dapper Man's 75 Hard Journey - Day 5.

75 Hard program - day 5

Yesterday was day 5 of 75 Hard.

Yesterday was a hard day, I wanted to give up on my diet, drink a beer, order takeout. I'm realizing quickly this program is not for the faint of heart, for sure.

A lot has happened in our country (The U.S.A) and around the world in the last few days. It has been in fact been scary.

Thousands sick...

Hundreds of people dying everyday...

Everything around us is telling us to give up on what we believe we know inside is true: that we have a burning desire to be better in all aspects of our lives.

I feel the pull to let go of everything due to everything that's going on.


I also feel compelled to keep pushing forward. I feel compelled to keep treating others with compassion. I feel compelled to keep finding ways to treat my family with kindness and respect when I feel myself unraveling due to what's going on.

75Hard is pulling me towards continuing to live that way.


Stay strong,

- Dr. Tom


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